The cello and mandolin are a charming and elegant couple which make welcome guests for any occasion.  As a pair, we specialize in classical and American traditional music, but are fully able to accommodate special requests.  With over ten years of performing experience, our wedding repertoire is an extensive and diverse library of preludes, processionals, recessionals, and suites from traditional and classical literature.

*Please note these recordings are just samples and can be shortened or lengthened in duration!


Solo Cello:
Insure that the golden memories you hold of your special occasion are graced with the enchanting voice of the violoncello.  Do the greatest scenes of your life not deserve such a worthy soundtrack?  Danielle is a professional cellist holding a Performance Diploma from Penn State and a Master of Music degree from The Hartt School.  The beauty of her instrument and the nimble touch which gives it life can also bring splendor to galas, anniversary parties, and many, many other events which you may plan.

String Quartet and Additional Services:
For the fullest sound, we offer our string quartet, made up of conservatory-trained musicians; as well as additional combinations made up of winds, strings, and/or piano.